Dr Emeka Alaku a PhD holder in Sociology. He is a seasoned academia. A widely experienced trainer in the areas of political Science, Diplomacy and Social Sciences  with over Eleven  (11) Years of experience in the Educational Sector. 


In experience, Dr Emeka Alaku has spent major part of his years of experience as a researcher, a public speaker, trainer and as an educationist. He has worked with Miva Open University of Nigeria as an Adjunct Contract Lecturer in Department of Sociology. He worked as a Lead Training Consultant at SmartAfrique R&D Consult Limited. It is also interesting to know that Dr Emeka Alaku is one of the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations seasoned Trainers.


He is currently a part-time lecturer in the faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Abuja, Nigeria, discharging his lecturing duties in areas of sociology, political science, diplomacy, to mention a few.



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