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Diplomacy knowledge to change Africa
The African School of Diplomacy and International Relations opened my eyes to the power of diplomacy in shaping a brighter future for Africa. It's an inspiring journey of learning and growth.

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a letter from our vice chairman/ceo

Welcome to the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR)!. A place to unlock your potential in the world of diplomacy and international relations.

A School is an institution whose legacy endures from generation to generation. For such a legacy to meet the dreams of its founders, it is imperative that it is properly planned and executed. Some past effective leaders within the African Union Commission, African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council, and other like-minded stakeholders, have identified the need to facilitate the establishment of the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR) as international citadel of Learning and Pan African School.  The proper planning for the school has led to the production of the Academic Brief, Master Plan and the School’s Law to meet the requirements of the International Standard, the Federal Ministry of Education and other Government Agencies and so on.

Care has been taken to produce the documents for this school to serve as guide to kickstart the operation for future development. This Academic Brief document has provided detailed plans for its academic, administrative and financial management to ensure that effective and productive teaching, learning and research shall take place. On our part, the Proprietors of the School are committed to providing all necessary support for it to succeed.

The School is being established in furtherance of the need to improve the proficiency of diplomatic personnels in Africa with a view to enhancing diplomacy, International Relations and Security education in the continent.

I firmly believe that when the School is fully developed in line with this Academic Brief, it shall be a long-term legacy for generations to come.  I therefore commend all that contributed to the production of this Academic Brief.

The Board of Directors are grateful for the support and encouragement to have come up with this wonderful initiative which I know it will be an historic legacy for all and sundry.

 HE. Amb. Prof. Tunji John ASAOLU, fidir, fimc, midpm

Vice Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR) &

Deputy Secretary-General, African Affairs & Special Envoy to the AU

International Society of Diplomats (ISD),

Tel: +234-8023367476

It has been widely publicized that the African region has up to this point been encountering human-driven adversities of frightful extent. The catastrophes unerringly point to the urgency for good governance/administration and better socio-economic development strategies to achieve all-encompassing territorial advancements to the region of around three hundred million individuals. From that perspective the African school of diplomacy and international relations is established with the approval and partnership of African Union. It is a capacity-built school, experience gained and with strategically unique opportunities. It is an institute of good governance and developed for mutual benefits of its member states. The school envisions to develop intellectual visionary and dedicated public service policy makers and leaders in the African region who share the same vision of a prosperous region distinguished by and known for good governance, peaceful co-existence, mutual understanding between the people of Africa and beyond.

The school is very much in line with the framework of Agenda 2063 which advocates for inclusive growth and sustainable development for Africa. The agenda emphasizes on building an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa driven and managed by its own citizens. Representing a dynamic force in the international arena.

ASDIR is located in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria with affiliating institutions across the globe, ASDIR recognizes the importance of equipping individuals with the necessary skills and understanding to excel in the complex world of international affairs. The school prides itself on nurturing a diverse and inclusive learning environment, attracting students from various cultural backgrounds and fostering a spirit of global cooperation.

At ASDIR, we place great emphasis on professional development. The school organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, and public lectures that bring together distinguished diplomats, scholars, and experts to share their insights and experiences. These initiatives help students broaden their perspectives and build valuable connections within the diplomatic community.

Overall, the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR) stands as an institution committed to shaping future diplomats and professionals in international relations. Through its dedication to quality education, research, partnerships, and professional development, ASDIR prepares individuals to make meaningful contributions in the global arena of diplomacy and international relations.


The name: African School of Diplomacy and International Relations (ASDIR) reflects the School’s:

  • Pan-African Foundation.
  • Raising Pan African Leaders
  • Subscription to the non-violence ideology.
  • Dedication to Africa’s development.
  • Ranking status in African Avant-Gardism.
  • Readiness for international students.
  • Pan-African teaching strength.
  • Proficiency in African Current Affairs.


our organs

Fellows & Awardees




Our esteemed faculty at the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations comprises seasoned diplomats, scholars, and practitioners dedicated to nurturing the next generation of global leaders. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they provide mentorship, guidance, and real-world insights, fostering critical thinking and shaping a transformative educational experience for students aspiring to make a difference on the world stage.



At the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations, opportunity is more than just a word; it’s our guiding principle. Through dynamic curricula, hands-on experiences, and a global network, we empower students to seize opportunities for growth, collaboration, and impact. Whether it’s engaging in diplomatic simulations or participating in international conferences, every moment at our school is an opportunity to shape a brighter future for Africa and beyond.


Success at the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations is defined by our graduates’ ability to effect positive change in the world. It’s not just about academic achievements; it’s about applying knowledge, fostering understanding, and building bridges across borders. Whether in diplomatic negotiations, humanitarian efforts, or global development initiatives, our students are equipped to lead with integrity, compassion, and a commitment to making a difference.


foundation and focus

Our educational foundation at the African School of Diplomacy and International Relations is built on fostering a deep understanding of global affairs rooted in Africa’s rich heritage, preparing students to lead with insight and empathy on the world stage.

diplomatic studies


peace making
and development

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