The African School of Diplomacy and International Relations In collaboration with Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom and the Rwanda Cooperation, Present THE AFRICAN PEER TO PEER EDUCATION CONFERENCE, TOUR & AWARD OF HONOURARY DOCTORATE DEGREE KIGALI, RWANDA 2024   Scheduled to commence from 28th – 31st July, 2024  

Promoting the Spirit of Pan-Africanism through Education, Experience and Interactions 

This conference/tour is for all African scholars, leaders, Intellectuals, business men and women who:

– wants to gain meaningful networks, connect and share knowledge with brilliant Pan-African audience while exploring possibilities

– wants to gain valuable insights from fellow peers across the continent
– wants to be recognized for your outstanding contributions in your field of endeavors with an Honorary Doctorate Degree Award

The conference opens up an incredible opportunity to:

– network with inspiring minds from various fields,
– engage in stimulating discussions on pressing African issues,
– embark on a captivating tour of Rwanda’s vibrant culture and history.

Objective 1: Facilitate Knowledge Exchange: At the heart of this tour lies the fundamental objective of promoting peer learning within the African context. Participants will engage in dynamic discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions, and interactive dialogues designed to enrich their understanding of diplomatic practices and international relations within the diverse tapestry of the African continent.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for students and professionals with interest in the fields of education, diplomacy and international relations to embark on a transformative educational journey.

The program is tagged “Peer-to-Peer Education conference/tour”, as it will be focusing on Fostering Peer Learning, Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration, with the theme: Promoting the Spirit of Pan-Africanism through Education, Experiences and Interactions.

In the month of July 2024, the picturesque city of Kigali, Rwanda will be the backdrop for this enriching experience aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange, deepening understanding of post-conflict reconciliation, and fostering valuable collaboration and networking opportunities.

Objective 2: Recognition of Excellence through Contributions:

At the conference, individuals who has proven records of outstanding achievements and contributions via their areas of endeavours especially in education, business and diplomatic fields will be recognized and be awarded with an Honourary Doctorate Awards, to be conferred by “Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom”.

Objective 3: Deeper Understanding of Post-Conflict Reconciliation:

Rwanda’s remarkable journey of post-conflict reconciliation, development, and governance serves as a compelling case study with invaluable lessons for the broader African landscape. Through immersive experiences and insightful interactions, participants will gain profound insights into the intricacies of post-conflict transformation, positioning them to become catalysts for positive change within their own spheres of influence.

Objective 4: Foster Collaboration and Networking:

In a world characterized by interconnectedness, collaboration and networking are indispensable components of professional growth and success. The tour to Kigali aims to create a vibrant platform for participants to forge meaningful connections with local experts, academics, and practitioners, thereby cultivating a network poised to drive impactful change and innovation in the fields of diplomacy and international relations.

❖ Conferment of Honourary Doctorate Degree Awards
❖ Conference and Interactive Session Workshop
❖A visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial and other historical sites such as; Muzanse, Haguruka Peace Building, Mboyo Reconciliation, etc
❖ Cultural Excursions and Community Engagements
❖ Meals Adventure
❖ Certificate of Participation, etc.

Participants from Nigeria:

❖ Conference and Tour – N3, 500, 000
❖ Conference, Tour and Honourary Doctorate Degree Award – N5, 000, 000
(Flight Tickets and Accommodation inclusive)

Participants outside Nigeria:

❖ $2,500 (Flight Tickets Excluded)
• E-Visa
• Airport transfer
• 4 Nights’ Accommodation in a 4/3-star Hotel
• Pickup and drop offs
• All entry Tickets
• Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• Food Adventure experience

This is the time in the year to EXPERIENCE Rwanda and EXPLORE Africa.


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